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QikDraw is a powerful, yet fast and flexible Windows-based CAD package capable of generating shaded images, walk-throughs, flyovers, and animations. At the same time, QikDraw is easy to use and learn, and customisable with a range of add-ons designed for a variety of specific applications.

QikDraw has a broad user base, including industrial and civil clients, to educational institutions, to smaller enterprises.

100% designed and developed in Australia, Qikdraw has received several awards, including the Australian Design Award.

Files generated in Qikdraw are much smaller than those of competitors, and the program itself requires very little hard disk space.

QikDraw is also available in a 2D only Micro version.

Ongoing Support

Also available is valuable Australian-based support. Full annual maintenance is an option most of our customers elect to take up. This service provides the customer with extra features, improvements and upgrades throughout the year, as well as full technical support, should the user experience any difficulty.

Please read one of our clients reports: "Now where is it? Keeping track of records" which explores the benefits of using QikDraw Professional and QikLink as a graphical documentation tool.

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